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Be Your Best –
Communication Training Brisbane, Other Major Cities & Online

Live in a more peaceful and connected way! Communication is key to keeping up positive balance in our lives. Draw in authentic friendships and caring and thoughtful family relationships. You don’t have to sacrifice yourself to please others. Your true happiness lies in re-connecting with your own needs and desires and communicating this with passion and influence.







Be Your Best Training

Create the best you. Join our life coaching sessions.

The greatest version of you has been waiting your whole life for this.

One-on-one coaching Be Your Best (B.Y.B)

The benefit of one-on-one coaching is that we can really tailor the times to suit you and your life.

Sessions are 1.5 hours in length. A total of 10 sessions is required

By just having the one-on-one sessions we can really focus where you need to see the most change rapidly.

We focus on the skills to address your current  issues and problems. Includes a combination of in person training & supportive zoom sessions.

Over the phone coaching calls following purchase of the  workbook are scheduled. Weekly is recommended, fortnightly is also an option.

Be Your Best (B.Y.B) Training

2 weekends (Saturday/Sunday)

6 hours per day

Starting November 18th 2023

This intensive delivery includes a 4 hour zoom session after completion of trainingwhere we finalise all teahicngs and implement strategies into your life


Weekly option Sunday mornings

9.30am – 12.30pm pm for 10 weeks.

Starting 3rd September 2023

Life changing outcomes included in B.Y.B Training

Gain confidence to say ‘No’ when you want to without the shame and guilt!

Become more assertive and strengthen all relationships especially the one you have with yourself.

Develop skills to deal better with aggressive people and their difficult behaviours.

Communicate so others gain confidence and trust in you

Become very aware of your intentions and needs in all relationships 

Create change through a unique goal setting process and so much more

‘If you do not express your own original ideas, if you do not listen to your own being, you have betrayed yourself’  

- Rollo May PhD

8 skills of Be Your Best

Together we discover our greatness and master the following ….

1. Self-awareness

How do you interact with others? Can you reflect within before you communicate….

2. Personal responsibility

You are responsible for ensuring your own needs are taken into account in your relationships.

3. Authentic self-disclosure action

Do you struggle to send a clear message?  Get clear and congruent in sending messages and feel rewarded

4. Empathic listening

Learn active listening to reduce emotional flooding in others and truly help them with their problems.

5. Fear and Anxiety Reduction

Do you get anxious when you have to confront another? Does the thought of a disagreement just burden you?

6. No-lose conflict resolution

Learn problem solving that produces win-win and develops amazing interpersonal caring

7. Values collision strategies

Learn to identify when you have major values differences with another and what to do…

8. Goal planning & action

Complete robust self-planning and action exercises that prohect you forward easily



About B.Y.B Self Empowerment Coaching


Learn assertive communication skills that make relationships feel effortless and connected. We teach practical and authentic tools in our communication skills training courses that create a sense of self-harmony and confidence. When you master this and approach others from this grounded place all relationships become easier.

Becoming calm and assertive in your communication by using the incredible tools taught in B.Y.B, will measurably influence your quality of life and your  inner relationships with yourself.

Becoming clear on what it is your own needs are as well as how to effectively confront others when they are interfering with your needs are essential skills and very important in feeling internally fulfilled and satisfied. Our communication skills training cover these topics and so many more! With B.Y.B. life coaching, you only need to transform your communication once and the future becomes instantly brighter.