Parent Effectiveness Training

Information sessions & Bookclubs

(Minimum 8 people)

Information session outline

Our P.E.T nformation sessions  are delivered over 1.5 hours  depending on the need of the organisation or group arranging the seminar.

“I spend time discussing P.E.T psychology, the conepts and   foundational skills as well as allow plenty of time for Q&A so attendees can be sure that training will meet their needs.”

I really enjoy interacting with parents in these circles as they have some fantastic questions that allow for improvising with the content we discuss. I really try to tailor these sessions to educate people that P.E.T is of great benefit no matter what age your children are and how strained teh realtionship may be.

Bookclub outline

Our bookclubs are an excellent way to try before you buy in essence, as they provide a group environment where we breakdown and discuss the text, and then take opportunity to discuss the skills and learn the basics.

Delivered over 5 weeks for 1.5 hours a week we read the relevant chapters weekly and discuss our ah-ha moments.

This option works very well for someone who would like to gather a group of friends  together to learn influential parenting  but would rather not ask for the long-term time and financial committment the full P.E.T course requires.

Cost is $25.00 per person per session.

15 + 13 =