S&B My Philosophy

Heal yourself, free your children is the foundation of the work I do. I am a healer, guide and visionary when it comes to changing the perspective of motherhood and enhancing family connection.

I offer a 100% non-judgmental space for healing where you can feel supporetd in the reality of becoming a true influencer to your childen and experience more peace and balance within yourself and your closest relationships. My coaching and teaching provides deep transformation into the Divine Feminine Mother and embodies the ancient understanding of what motherhood actually brings forward in us and allows us to lead legacy with.

Parenting & healing are not to be separated, they are in fact deeply entwined and by working with me you will begin to understand and integrate the scale of this journey together. Your children are divinely sent gifts to offer you every opportunity to heal and become the most self-fulfilled and abundant version of yourself.

The courage and action you show NOW prevents your children wasting their precious life channelling your unhealed trauma and pain.

I connect families through cultivating positive beliefs in their children, all whilst helping parents heal their past and move into a limitless future.

S&B was born from deep, personl healing and it is my misison to pass on my wisdom in skills in utlising parenting as your greatest tool to healing whilst unlocking the Divine Feminine aspects of your true nature.

I homeshcool my children and am deeplu fulfilled becasue of this decision and commiting to a definite way of being. We get to enojy the lavish, nature inspired, freedom that comes with stepping out of the system and create our own. I would love to share the steps and intutuive guidenace that lead me here with you, along with all the tools to support these big life moments.

“The most rewarding and fulfilling part of what I do is being able to watch you lift the ones you love.”