Unlocking the Matrix: The New Codes of Ancient Egypt

Unlocking the Matrix: The New Codes of Ancient Egypt is a work of art. Thirteen incredible Authors all healers and professionals in their own right have contributed to this masterpiece. I feel incredibly honoured to have shared in this journey and written a 4000 word chapter in the book.

My unique codes that I have brought forward to Earth are unveiled within my chapter of this book.

I found it to be such a healing experience connecting all of the dots over the last 40 years of my life, and with my hand being held by the incredible Paula Jessop – Bombshell books Publishing and though the inspiration and never wavering guidance of Corrina Steward, Soul Wealth Coach & Co-Publisher,  I feel ready to embark on a BIG journey of service and self-discovery.

Buy your copy today and support me in my divine gifts as well as the other 12 Authors of this groundbreaking book. Get ready to transcend what you think you know about reality.