Sunflowers & Butterflies is a wellbeing and human connection inspired business. ​ Offering heartfelt healing, coaching & intuitive guidance I teach communication training and facilitate PSYCH-K to remove self-limiting beliefs within the parent to help parent-child connection flourish. It is my greatest dream is to make a difference in peoples self-empowerment journey and influence their personal choices so that their children experience divine leadership and love.

A local to the Gold Coast I have recovered myself from a place of chronic ill-health to the most vital health I have ever experienced. Having defied all expectations I undoubtedly KNOW that I have the knowledge and deep connection with source and the tools we have been gifted to help you find this same place.

My passion is children, their uniqueness and total undivided trust in us just inspires me everyday. I am excited to guide you towards becoming a more conscious individual and parent so you can model this attitude of wellbeing and joy to them ensuring they become the greatest versions of themselves in the world.

It’s not easy, but all you must do is ‘really want it to be different than it is’. This desire, along with my unique combination of services will create a reality where you can experience your truest and happiest self… and much sooner than you think.


As an intutive healer and guide I know the absolute imporatnce of energetic connection between client and coach. Two people work togther in harmony and synergy. Let’s talk today!