Be Your Best Training

One-on-one coaching

$150.00 for first session (includes P.E.T text, 1.5 hours)
$80.00 per hour for additional sessions

Learning Be Your Best (B.Y.B) this way is very easy to integrate into your busy life as we can complete all coaching over the phone or via video link.

This model for training won’t provide any certification on completion as full training must be completed face-to-face.

If  you are looking for new communication skills to use in specific situations, or to address problems you are currently encountering within your closest relationships then this will empower you..

If you feel quite confident that you communicate yourself assertively already then this can be complimentary to the skills you alreday have.

We can systematically go through the text together and work out which areas you require coaching in as a matter of priority.

“It is one of those simple but beautiful paradoxes of life: When a person feels that he is truly accepted by another, as he is, then he is freed to move from there and to begin to think about how he wants to change, how we wants to grow, how he can become different, how he might become more of what he is capable of being.”

Dr Thomas Gordon

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