Behind the scenes there is a tape player. Your subconscious mind.

Current scientific research tells us that the subconscious mind actually controls 95% of the outcomes in your life. This autonomic and habitual part of your mind runs at a speed of 40 million bits per second in comparison to our conscious mind – the part of mind we think we are making decisions from which runs at 40 bit per second.

What this means on a personal level is that your subconscious mind has the power to generate unlimited happiness, love and success in your life at a level exponentially greater than that of your conscious everyday mind. So this is the level at which we must make changes in order to be free.

Most of our beliefs are formed as children as we watched, interacted with and listened to those around us, particularly those in our immediate/home environment. Without a conscious mind to cross-check the beliefs being formed were helpful to us (until 7 years of age we operate at a level similar to hypnosis) we took them on as our own out of love and respect.

I’m loveable and worthy of others love….I am good enough….I am easy to like…..I am smart and capable…..

These statements are positive beliefs that affirm our greatness in the world and will attract the best possible life outcomes for us. Unfortunately when starting out, many of my clients internal beliefs don’t match these statements, in fact they completely oppose them.

As you can see the conundrum we face is that our conscious beliefs and subconscious beliefs don’t align and we spend all our days working hard at controlling outcomes so we are happy, healthy & wealthy. The way we can eliminate this struggle is through aligning these minds

Tools we use in #PILLAR 1 BELIEFS


– Ongoing PSYCH-K sessions to remove limiting subconscious programs and patterns keeping you unfulfilled
– Meditation to obtain more self-awareness of your internal thoughts and patterns
– Recommended research, reading and activities to bring about inner transformation
– Referrals and recommendations to complimentary practitioners where required