8 – 12 YEARS

Physical Development
  • Children will start puberty and compare themselves to others a lot during this time
  • Some females may get a period and will need support to understand their body
  • Some males may experience other changes and need support here.


Developmental Changes
  • Children begin to establish their own identity and separate from parents, but family values are very important. They learn that friends can have different ideas and customs and still be friends.
  • Childen need to be reminded that as their bodys change this cam affect their mood and emotional wellbeing and this is ok to talk about.
  • It is very important to bring in responsibility as they head into adult hood and being equal within the household.


  • will show mor eneed for privacy
  • Try to engage in funny jokes maybe with little understanding .
  • May show interest in dating.
  • Aware of sexual issues .
  • Develop crushes on friends, older teens, celebrities.
  • Family values and appropriate modeling are very important.