PILLAR # 2 Communication

Communication is something I feel can be very over-looked as a transformative tool to our greatest health and wellness.

The way we chose to communicate and connect is 100% within out control.

It is much harder to influence the communication of another however the best way to do this is to model honest and influential communication and hope they pick up the energy and jump on board. ‘Staying within your own business’ (as Byron Katie says) is imperative in mastering your communication and self disclosure. Once you start to play around in other peoples business there is no-one left to look after your business, which is when we often drop the ball.

We can work with all other pillars to remove blocks and get you healthy, however you are still communicating on a daily basis and our relationships definitely impact our ongoing beliefs, happiness and fulfilment. So unless we can teach you how to idenrtify and communicatre your needs freely you may continue to pick up blocks and undo the amazing work we have done.

This transformative pillar is actually one of my very favourites to teach, as I see light bulb after light bulb go off in peoples eyes when they realise that they can make incredible changes in their life simply by changing their communication efforts.



– PSYCH-K to rewire any negative blocks you have to building rapport and communicating your truth
– Tools to assist you break old communication habits
– Mentoring & Family Connection coaching
– Parent Effectiveness Training & Be Your Best Training
– Brain-mapping techniques and referrals so you can undestand what ‘brain type’ your family members are and what brain type you are so you can understand their perception of the world and alter communication to support the best realationships