Increasing ‘No Problem Time’

Introducing the # 1 goal of P.E.T Training… NO PROBLEM TIME 

All of the beautiful and influential skills  taught in Parent Effectiveness Training are to encourage and bring about more ‘NO PROBLEM TIME’ in your family. No Problem Time forms part of the P.E.T ‘Behaviour Window’ (Foundation of training) and our aim is for this area to continually increase, so that you can use this time without problems to grow, connect and learn from one another.

Science has proven again and again that when we are emotional or in conflict in relationships we are not able to connect or bond as well. This emphasises how  amazing, kind and creative the brain of Thomas Gordon really was. He developed the model of P.E.T and invested so much research and energy into formulating practical tools that will encourage more of  this family connection time (no problem time)

How do I achieve this?

By completing training, which includes your copy of the P.E.T textbook and workbook you will have a very unique skill-set. This skill set when used consistenlty will organically  increase this beautiful time with your loved ones.

” Within my business I teach parents how to become more influential and effective with their communication so that families can experience less˜problem time and more no problem time” – Jacqui Bowden, P.E.T Facilitator