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Do you want to learn proven parenting methods to foster incredible connections with your child? Our parenting course in Adelaide can help you discover the power of effective communication to create conscious change and a lifelong family bond.

Sunflowers & Butterflies provides Parent Effectiveness Training (P.E.T.) as a unique and positive parenting course centred on respecting the needs of each family member. Nurturing an inspiring parent-child relationship, you help set your young one up for success and ensure that you grow together towards a better future.


What is Parent Effectiveness Training (P.E.T.)?

Our parenting course in Adelaide cultivates proven and psychologically backed skills so parents can communicate with influence to their children. By focusing on being mindful of the needs of everyone in the family, parents and their kids will be in the best position to create a more harmonious and peaceful family life.

The course will touch on how parents can better interact with children, understand child behaviour, and help each family member resolve conflicts.

If you’re struggling to create a positive change in your family right now, here’s your chance to heal yourself and free your children by learning positive parenting solutions through our P.E.T. coaching sessions.

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Sunflowers & Butterflies offer parent effectiveness training for parents

What Solutions Can P.E.T. Parenting Course Offer?

Our course supports a constructive parenting style. We believe that by learning how to be a confident and effective communicator, you are ultimately helping your child and not hurting them. We promote alternatives to using rewards and punishments to correct children’s behaviour.

Our sessions will teach parents how to:

  • Develop better listening skills to ensure stronger relationships
  • Raise strong, self-sufficient, and responsible children
  • Resolve stressful situations and disagreements without anger
  • Understand the behaviours directly affecting the parent and child
  • Address issues whilst remaining happy and fulfilled



P.E.T. is built on simple and time-tested strategies you can use to nurture strong relationships with your child. Our solutions to everyday parenting problems include:


Identifying Problem Ownership

Problem ownership is one of the positive parenting tools that can help parents steer clear of the blame game and arguing with their kids. This strategy will give parents time to reflect on an issue and identify who’s upset about it.

Is it the parent who’s upset? Then the parent owns the problem. It’s a perfect opportunity to utilise practical communication skills to express their thoughts and feelings about the issue at hand.

Is the child upset? Then the child owns the problem. It’s time for the parent to apply effective parent-child interaction skills such as active listening to connect with the child regarding the issue.

Are both parent and child upset? Then they both own the problem. You share the problem with your child.

Problem ownership helps parents determine the problems they need to figure out by themselves or share with their children.


Active Listening

Listening is essential in developing effective parent-child communication. Through active listening, the parent can best demonstrate that they are interested in their child’s concerns.

Our parenting course shows how you can practice active listening through the following:

  • Giving full attention to and making eye contact with your child
  • Stopping whatever it is you’re doing and getting down to your child’s level
  • Reflecting and repeating back what your child says to make sure you understand them
  • Showing your child that you are listening to them makes it more likely for them to talk to you about their hopes and problems.


Encouraging Resilience

All kids encounter stress as they grow. Parents can’t protect their kids from problems. The obstacles may seem small to adults, but they can be overwhelming for the young ones.

Parenting support training teaches parents how to build inner strength in their children. Instilling resilience in children will equip them to adapt well to adversity, trauma, tragedy, threats, and other life stressors. Resilience training also teaches children the importance of self-care in maintaining balance and dealing with tensions.


Slowing Down

Our parenting course in Adelaide teaches parents not to be too hard on themselves. You can behave like ordinary people in front of your children. Slow down and try to avoid too much pressure, which can damage the parent-child relationship. Get some skills to feel confident communicating with young people (teenagers) and other parents.


Enjoying ‘NO Problem Time’

All the skills you’ll learn in Parent Effectiveness Training are about encouraging and bringing about more ‘NO PROBLEM TIME‘ in your family.

It becomes difficult to connect or bond well with kids when you’re emotional or in a relationship conflict. Anxious kids find it difficult to express themselves, which, in turn, can hurt your family life.

In P.E.T., you’ll learn how you can manage your time with kids and focus on enjoying fewer problems. After completing the training, you’ll be better positioned to boost your family life’s well-being. It’s crucial when it comes to your child’s emotional development.

Sunflowers & Butterflies help parents learn effective parenting skills

How Will You Learn?

Parent Effectiveness Training by Sunflowers & Butterflies includes your copy of the P.E.T textbook and workbook and comes in different types of delivery modes, which means you can choose a session that’s more convenient and conducive for you.

You can book any of these sessions:


Nurturing Connections Through Peaceful Parenting

When used consistently, the skills you learn will organically increase your beautiful time with your loved ones.

Heal Yourself, Free Your Children! You have the power to turn things around for your family, and you can start today.

Our Parent Effectiveness Training courses can create conscious change and lasting family connections. Learn more or book a session now!