How can I truly improve my relationships just by doing this course?

B.Y.B training is transformative for many reasons. By reflecting on yourself to start with and getting very clear on what your own values and needs are you start to become a lot more confident in expressing yourself. B.Y.B teaches a uniquely connected and authentic way of communicating that sees your feelings aligning with your verbal expression and this creates and energy that people see, hear and feel. By being truly you and truly authentic the people around you cant help but lift with you and see the truth behind your communication efforts.

It’s very rewarding when you can be in relationships in this manner and it promotes honestly within them as you ‘model’ these beautiful skills.

Does a course like this make me a different person?

No. You are who you are innately but maybe you haven’t actually connected with exactly who you are yet. It can take many years and some people never actually connect with their true self. It can be a confidence thing and I can guarantee B.Y.B will bring you a sense of self worth and self-love.

To people around you it may seem you have changed to some degree, but the skills are very subtle and you get to chose when and how to implement them. The golden rule I learnt in P.E.T and B.Y.B was if you feel that confronting someone kindly will strengthen the relationship then it is best to have a go, however if you can sense that it may not be complimentary to the relationship, then it may be best to just continue on your path and let the universe decide.

I’m really nervous to confront people, how can a course like B.Y.B change this?

B.Y.B, a lot like P.E.T provides easy to follow steps and tools that you can be assured have been psychologically proven and tested as the very best methods for enhancing relationships, not destroying them.

Using the extremely unique concept of the ‘Behaviour window’ brought to the B.Y.B course by Dr Thomas Gordon (creator of P.E.T, PhD) you will be able to easily visualise the window, identify where the behaviour that is bothering you sits and then easily select the appropriate skill or tool to use. 

The communication style is called ‘assertive’ as opposed to aggressive which sometimes can be confused as the same thing. We clearly explain the difference and how being assertive is your ‘right’ in life! It’s just loving you first and communicating this to your loved ones in a deeply honest and loving manner.

How quickly will things change in my life?

The answer to this question is very dependant upon how often you remember to, or chose to use the skills. It can be testing at first because you are challenging your old communication style which has most likely been with you for many, many years. However as we implement homework and real life practice you will undoubtedly see the shift in how people respond to you and also in how you feel towards yourself. By becoming assertive and using the skills you will establish much more self-respect. It is very empowering to deliver a clear message that makes others aware of your important needs and desires.

What if I don’t use the skills all the time?

Well, to be honest you probably won’t. It’s about consistency in effort. As long as you are trying and learning from each attempt at using the skills exactly what feels right to you and what lands well on the other end, then you will organically use them more. 

Even if you only use the skills 40 – 50% of the time you are still making radical change in that 40-50% and this will definitely bring tangible change in all your relationships.

It is normal that we find people have great incentive to continue trying to use the skills more and more as they see changes for the better in their life.

What if my partner doesn’t support me?

B.Y.B is a personal development and empowerment course.  Obviously it is ideal if the people closest to you are in support of your ventures, however YOU have found this course for a reason. Its because it will re-connect you with the real you and don’t we want to feel that we can be the real us in our relationships? It will give you the the greatest tools you could ever have hope for to improve yourself which will either lift or unfortunately frighten others.

Im certainly not saying you will get a divorce (lol) what I am saying is, the best version of you may create the best version of them.

Love them enough to learn the skills so they can learn from watching you.