PSYCH-K Testimonial 

Jacqui has that rare mix of intelligent insight coupled with compassionate kindness. She is clear sighted. She has an ability to drill down, find the issue one is facing, then carefully and gently help you find a path to resolve. The PSYCH-K process is cathartic and enlightening.

Jacqui is efficient, conscientious, organised and follows through magnificently. But it is her gentle care and love that leaves you feeling supported and uplifted.
To shift di
fficult and ongoing issues around one’s inner life and beliefs I have found the PSYCH-K programme under Jacqui Bowden’s guidance invaluable.

I would highly recommend PSYCH-K with Jacqui Bowden to anyone wanting to move forward in their life, to resolve emotional or belief based concerns and to live the best life possible. I feel very lucky and grateful for Jacqui and her work.

Jackie Ellis

Artist, WA, Australia, March 2021

Desire to change my life and most of all health led me to have to radically change myself, my deep-rooted beliefs.

I tried everything, but no method has brought such incredibly fast results as PSYCH-K. In just a few sessions, we found out what my inner beliefs really were and we changed them into beliefs that would bring me well-being.

As much as I thought I had changed a lot in the last year, but when we immersed ourselves in my deep-rooted beliefs, I was surprised, as my consciousness and subconscious were not aligned. The results of PSYCH-K technique were noticeable in just a few weeks. I took certain steps that I could not take in years. The results were also very soon visible on my medical documents. Jacqui, I am deeply grateful to you for that! I am aware that in front of me is still a long road, but now I know that I am on the right path.

You are an amazing woman! Love you!

Silvija Duksi

Croatia, South central Europe, May 2021

Transformational! Jacqui has changed my life for the better through her gift of holding a safe space that is loving, supportive, healing and completely free of judgment, she has facilitated the biggest shifts in my life to date! I have tried many different healing modalities in the past only to scratch the surface in comparison to the instant relief brought by Jacqui’s guidance.  I feel comfortable with Jacqui and 100% confident that any problem I’m faced with going forward can be transformed with her guidance. 10/10 Recommend to anyone wanting to change beliefs systems, repetitive thoughts or emotional pain. Jacqui is your girl!  

Jessica Moran

Gold Coast, Qld