Awareness is possibly one of those over-used words that we end up having an association with, but in truth it is the key to so much potential within us. I like to use the word consciousness as well. This describes this ability to oversee our own thoughts, feelings & behaviours. Basically all awareness and consciousness refer to is our ability to ‘Think about the way we think and behave”. I find this an amazing trait that we have as human beings as this is what separates us from almost all other living things. We can firstly become aware of our thoughts, actions, behaviours, emotions and then CHOOSE to alter them or even replace them all together.  If that isn’t power, I don’t know what is.

At a universal law level (Quantum Physics) Dr Jo Dispenza summarises https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_iXlIhplWl8  that every thought, action, word and so on has a vibration, and the vibration you are emitting produces the matching results in form (physical things in your life). This means that without conscious awareness of your thoughts and actions (running on auto-pilot) you have zero influence over what comes in and out of your life.  Also in most cases our internal thoughts & feelings aren’t positive, therefore if the same rules apply the outcomes you attract are very un-fulfilling.

The world has taught us to be very cynical and almost so down-right realistic that we don’t even dare to have dreams. We have been fed beliefs that because of our circumstances or limited abilities that we will have to settle and play it small.

I help you harness the gift of awareness in the real world. I wont be asking you to become a monk or leave your job. From a very personal experience with self-awareness I can vouch that our greatest growth doesn’t come alone in a room meditating, but in the midst of real life experiences where we are often pushed to our limits yet remain internally calm and centred.

Tools we use to address PILLAR # 4 SELF-AWARENESS

– PSYCH-K to create connection with yourself and to recognise your true path to happiness
– Meditation to quiet the mind and bring about more awareness in your daily life, around thoughts, emotions and behaviours that are not serving you
– Recommended reading, research and simple tools to use in daily life that help you see you always have a choice
– Spiritual mentoring to achieve absolute peace and non-attachment to the negative aspects of life