About me

Hi, I am Jacqui (Jac) and I am the creator of Sunflowers & Butterflies, a conscious communication and welling inspired organisation.  I support others on their journey towards health & happiness. I am a Mum of one beautiful little boy and a partner (in crime) to another slightly older beautiful boy. I have two puppy dogs (not really puppies anymore), a pet fighter fish and live on the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia.

‘My unique skill set has been adapted from my personal experiences with chronic health & self-healing protocols.

My hope is that by sharing the healing pathways and systems that set me free with others you will find the inner power, confidence and belief that it is possible for you too. After this we can work together on a very connected level to bring you the peace, health & happiness you deserve.

The most rewarding part comes when I have the pleasure of watching you lift the ones you love.

If you are able to let go of what you have been told by others and just consider the possibility that you can live your dreams in a healthy body then you have overcome the first and most important hurdle to healing. (could almost make this a quote)

My story (shortened version – I do love a chat!)

I always had a little voice inside of me telling me that the world wasn’t meant to be as ‘fast paced’ as I was making it. Sending me signs and notions that I was actually destined to be much more calm and centred in the world and that I needed to treat myself with care and love just like I would a child. Unfortunately like many of us do, I pushed that voice away until the universe literally slapped me across my behind and made me stop. I was allergic to everything I once knew! Chronic and unexplained illness was my new best friend!

I saw Doctors & Integrative Doctors, Naturopaths, Specialists, Dieticians, Kinesiologists,  and many, many alternative healthcare practitioners. The one thing I found in common with all of them was that they prescribed something for me to take in order to heal. The problem with this approach was that it clashed with my inner voice and went against the signs my physical body was constantly showing me ‘that my body needed less, not more’. This became my new mantra and was the first indication I got that my body was in fact more intelligent than I realised and more powerful than any prescription in the world.

I then started the project of manically trying to fix the pain I had in some degree caused myself using the same level of mind and behaviour that got me there. I say that now with absolute resolution and love! I do not blame anyone anymore, including myself. Once I realised my patterns, beliefs and became really aware of my physical and emotional world I began to heal using all the tools I hope to share with you. It took me some time but I kept my vow ‘ to find a way’ that I could be TRULY happy, healthy and of service in the world.

Once well into my self-directed healing journey I began to see that there was a lot of courses, information & practitioners out there that I felt could support my healing further, however knowing what to invest my time and money into was a real challenge. So I went ahead, listening closely to the intuitive voice I had started re-connecting with and did the practical things that were producing noticeable improvements. This included specific therapies, self-directed brain re-mapping programs, plus influential communication & parenting training as well as more spiritual and belief centred training.

My goal now was to put all this wisdom into a system and share it with others . I knew I wanted to fulfil my initial goal of being ‘of service in the world’ so I could feel I had contributed to others healing journeys making them quicker and kinder. I reflected and realised that I had combined 4 major pillars of transformation to achieve the long-lasting wellbeing I was now experiencing daily.

These are the 4 Pilars I address in my work, and it is my firm belief that mastering each of these is key to experiencing lifelong growth & well-being.

  • Beliefs
  • Physical body
  • Self-awareness
  • Communication

S&B’s Greatest vision.

Through working with you my greatest purpose is to reach your children. By becoming physically healthy, more centred & calm and an influential communicator it is my belief that this will make you the ‘best you, and best parent to them’. This is what lights me up!

I am so passionate about children and see it as our very important role as adults to make sure they always feel ‘ENOUGH’ just as they are. I am very intrigued by how we, as parents  communicate with them during their formative years and offer heart-felt communication training to help parents use influence rather than power.

My long-term goal is to work with parents pre-conception across all of the pillars above. I will help parents build an extraordinarily positive, healthy and self-empowering environment (internal and external) that will see their child thrive in all areas complimenting their greatest possible life.