PILLAR # 3 The Physical Body

Our body fights for us every single day. In a world that exposes us to many stressors, we find little time to show appreciation for the level of commitment and love our body holds for us. Imagine your body  was a friend who you kept bombarding with problems and negative conversations as well as constant work to be done. What an unbreakable connection it would have to be for this relationship to continue this way, day-in day-out without falling apart. Our bodies are incredibly resilient and manage external stressors like true champions when the detox pathways are functioning well. It is more often the thought driven chemical reactions that cause the most damage and push our beautiful  bodies beyond their capabilities to maintain health and balance. In the short, our thoughts, stress levels and what we say to ourselves has high-stake consequences on our physical health.

Why would our body, that loves & fights for us regardless of the choices we make, turn on us without reason?  The answer is it never does. We just lose connection with it and are too busy to hear the signals it sends. From here our own beliefs, and often professional diagnosis are what takes us further away from healing.

Take a pause reading this – In this very second over 100,000 chemical reactions just took place inside of everyone of your cells. Now multiply that by 70 trillion cells in your body… WOW I know. You are nothing short of a miracle and this amazing force that manages your physical being without your conscious  awareness is a true gift. You don’t think about digesting food, or your heart beating, or your blood pressure and heart rate stabilising based on your minute-to-minute activities. Your autonomic nervous system does all of this and initiates so much magic within your mind and body.

By mapping out the healthiest options in a balanced way we re-build trust and connection with your miraculous body and move you toward true and absolute wellbeing.  The greatest source of healing is within us.


– PSYCH-K to work with your sub-conscious beliefs around healing, weight, nutrition
– Meditation to support a more non-adrenaline fuelled nervous system
– Recommended research, reading and referrals to practitioners who specialise in Medical Medium protocols and healthy eating habits
– Referral to Buteyko Breathing professionals
– Referrals to local homeopaths for non-invasive, energetic treatment of symptoms
– Education on the ‘vagus nerve’ and its implication in almost all chronic health issues. Exercises and recommendations to treat this.