Homeshcooling and healing are generally not two words that come up in the same sentence. However, it is my mission to make sure it becomes much more closely aligned in the public eye and in the homes of all parents and children.

I will explain why this is so important….

Who triggers you the most? Who makes you feel like a failure at times and causes you deep worry and indecision? I don’t ask this to make you think negatively, I ask because I want you to understand in the words that follow that ‘Your children are your greatest Gift’ precisely because they trigger these feelings within you

You probably wont experience a more connected relationship in this world than that of your relationship with your kids. They are of you and for the Mothers reading this, from within you. Its like your heart beating outside of you, right?

You literally share your thoughts, food, water and values with this little bubble before they even take their first breath.

So could you believe that they know you as well as you know yourself. Or maybe even better.

This my friends is why homeschooling is the portal to deep inner healing. When you are placed in a close situation (homeschooling) with the little humans that chose you as their Mother or Father purely in order to help you feel all the things you don’t want to, it will create one of two outcomes.  Healing or chaos!

I chose chaos to start and then remembered the multitude of healing tools I have under my belt and all the support around me, my really intelligent mind and ability to create new systems and embrace change.

What I can reflect on now is I have a child who is more joy filled and reconnected with himself than I have had in years, I have a sibling who sees his brother daily and is learning from a joyful and happy older brother as opposed to an exhausted and unhappy one. I have dogs that are over the moon to have a playmate, I have much more clarity on where he is actually at when it comes to learning and I have new healing practices I have brought into my life to allow me my own sacred space and growth.

I have been triggered with all the programs and paradigms that were not mine. Will he never learn again? Will he be behind everyone else? Will he lose social contact? Will he ever get a job or read and write like the school kids? Ive had beautiful, close friends struggle with my healing and homeschooling approach because its so far from the outdated system we have been layered into.

I promise you when you have a connected, happy, child-like child they WANT TO LEARN! And you get the chance to dig into all these old beliefs and clear them out right in front of them.

Healing and growing together is what makes people close, not meeting worldly benchmarks day in day out under pressure and scrutiny. 

We were always meant to be together, how did it become so far from what we know in our hearts that we feel nervous at the thought of being with our own little creations? Ill tell you why because we know it will require us to show up and heal. To slow down and find out divine feminine nature that says all we want is coming regardless of how much effort we put in or how many hours we work. Its all there and they are the gatekeepers.

I will spread my message far and wide and continue to advocate for homeschooling as a connecting force between parents and child. 

I hope this resonates with you somewhere somehow.